Following the latest government guidelines and the advice of our own Podiatry Society, we are pleased to say that we will be staying open and will not be closing during the lockdown.

The welfare of our Patients is our priority and we are continuing to ensure that all of the appropriate measures are in place for your safety and ours.

Please attend your appointments as normal, (unless you have been advised otherwise) but should you wish to cancel, please ring us on 01202 841751.

If you have an appointment, please follow the protocol below:

  • Let us know before your appointment if you develop Covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone that has.
  • Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Come on your own (unless you need a carer) straight from home.
  • The door to the Surgery is locked so please wait outside until cleared to enter the reception area.
  • Wear a face covering.
  • Preferably pay by contactless card.

We thank you for your understanding.

Chiropody is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and other disorders of the feet. Chiropodists are highly skilled health professionals who have been trained to prevent, diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet. They also prevent and correct deformity, keep people mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections.


At the surgery there is a team of fully qualified, hcpc registered chiropodists/podiatrists, who each have their own area of expertise. They give advice and consultations on a range of foot problems. The initial consultation is half an hour during which they will take full medical details of the patient, begin treatment and assess for any future appointments as necessary.

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Telephone 01202 841751 for more information